Thursday, March 24, 2011

BWWD In The News

Idaho Press Tribune interviewed me recently about Social Media Marketing. The article was in their Business Section. We discussed Facebook and Twitter and how they play a roll in business marketing, advertising, and networking. They play a major roll, and will continue to play a roll, in the marketing of your business, your web site, and the future of your business. Read it here!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Somebody Didn't Do Their Homework!

I had to laugh today. My wife received a call from a SEO solicitor and asked her about her web site. She said that her husband is her web guy and didn't think that she would be changing. The funny part? Her web site pretty much dominates some front pages for her category searches. Don't they even check before they call? Oh well, I guess they can say that they tried.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get On The Clue Train

Those words are actually from Debbie Allen, a very successful internet marketing expert. She's referring to those business owners who still think that they don't need a web site for their businesses. Believe or not I still run into businesses that don't have a web site and aren't interested in building one. No internet presence? Are you kidding me? Besides marketing your web site, social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter are going to be imperative to the success of your business in the future.
When it comes to "keeping up with the Joneses", your business will have to compete online in order to remain in existence.
So, get on the "Clue Train".

Facebook versus the FTC

Facebook vs. FTC: Facebook's Response. Interesting is the part about hundreds of application developers that have built businesses on Facebook platform. And those developers have made a lot of money with their businesses. Click the link below to read the article.

Domain Renewals - Beware!

Helpful Hint: Those "Domain Renewal" notices that you may receive in the mail most likely aren't from your domain holder. Those companies bank on you NOT checking where your domain is actually registered and sending them a check, etc. Then they request a transfer from your current registrar. If the domain is "locked from transfer" or if the transfer is denied, they will keep your money. Your domain will not be renewed and you will still have to renew it with your current registrar. And don't expect a refund.
Check the fine print. It usually says "This is not a bill".

Search Engine Optimization

Beware of those Search Engine Optimization companies that "promise" you the top spot on Google! Remember the old adage "if it's too good to be true, it probably is". Google will even tell you to be aware because they know that nobody can "promise" you the top spot. There are several variables that affect your ranking. I'm not saying that SEO companies can't help you. Just be aware of what they promise and what they really charge you for their services.